Harnessing the power of Chinese celebrity for the city of Bristol

One of the most effective ways to influence Chinese consumers and to get them to actively engage with your tourism or travel brand is to embrace the power of celebrity. Chinese millennials love to know what celebrities are doing and saying, and follow them avidly via online media channels, WeChat and Weibo. Websites and other media platforms often work with celebrities or high profile bloggers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), to take them on trips overseas and film, photograph and record their experiences abroad. And where they go, others follow. In droves.

Fashion and lifestyle website, Haibao.com

One such media platform is Haibao.com, China’s ‘go-to’ fashion and lifestyle website that attracts a phenomenal following of more than 1 million on WeChat and more than 570,000 on Weibo. We have a great relationship with Haibao and, following one of our meetings with them, they asked us whether we could organise a bespoke celebrity media trip for the 17-year old A-lister Nana Ou-Yang. This Taiwanese film star and musician is a huge star in China with nearly 9 million Weibo followers. To put that figure in context, that’s around the same number of followers as Jessie J has on the Western equivalent, Twitter. Nana first shot to fame at the age of five, as a talented cellist and member of a very famous Taiwanese celebrity family of actors, musicians and film stars. Now in her late teens, she is highly revered in China and across Asia for her talent, her looks, and her fashion sense.

The brief was to celebrate England’s artistic British style and to provide Nana and her team with a cultural treat following on from their attendance at London Fashion Week. We had been talking to Destination Bristol about opportunities to promote the city’s hip, fashionable and artistic credentials and its music scene to the Chinese, so this project seemed perfect for them. They agreed, and between us, the Bristol team, Haibao, and Nana’s agent, we started to put an itinerary together. The trip was also supported by VisitBritain.

The trip

After hours of planning and research, Nana, her mum and her extensive crew of 10 (make-up artists, hairdressers and cameramen) arrived in Bristol. The trip offered Bristol a real chance to showcase their key attractions and put the city on the map in China. SS Great Britain, creating her own ‘Banksy’ and a ride in a hot air balloon, were just some of the experiences Nana enjoyed whilst she was there. Destination Bristol even organised for Nana to play her cello overlooking the Suspension Bridge with Bristol- based band Transition who sing in Chinese and have a big following in China.


In terms of organisation, the trip was complex, liaising with teams in China, the UK and beyond, but in terms of media worth and publicity the outcome will be priceless. Haibao started publicising Bristol before Nana had even set foot in the city. Banner ads, videos and feature stories will appear on the Haibao site in the forthcoming days and are being pushed out across Weibo and WeChat channels, reaching a potential audience of more than 1 million followers.

Nana’s WeChat post of the trip had 98,000 views in its first week. Two videos were made : one with a fashion emphasis using Bristol as a backdrop, and one a more traditional trip video. Each had received over 60,000 views within a week.


To see the October WeChat post, please click here.


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